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Changzhou Haoda Technology Co., Ltd.(Group headquarters)


Add: 15 Wangtian Road, Airport Industrial Park, Luoxi Town, Changzhou City
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Sealing material | Sound-absorbing | Battery shield board
Adhesive tape | Car lamp seal | Breathable material
Roof support | Decorative tape | Cavity filling material
Car body hole sticker | Protective film


Manufacturing Process

Gluing workshop

Mainly based on the large coating machine, the gluing workshop introduced professional processing technologies of Japan Bonding Association, including precise glue head gap adjustment, automatically controlling drying temperature, automatically controlling tension system, and double roll compound pressure, in order to ensure that the glue is uniform and the viscosity is the best, with the average speed of 600 square meters per hour, and the annual production of glue of about 1.2 million square meters.


Processing workshop

Mainly based on deep processing equipment such as cutting machine, blanking machine, compound machine, slitting machine, half-cutting machine, continuous die cutting line, etc., the deep processing workshop is responsible for product processing and forming, with the final production capacity per shift of 1.5 million pieces.