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Zhongshan Taidake Rubber & Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.

The operating form of the company is a joint venture enterprise. By Changzhou Haoda Technology Co., Ltd., Japan sun seal Co., Ltd. and Asda g Co., a joint venture, Sino Japanese joint venture enterprises. The total investment of the company is 8 million yuan, the registered capital is 8 million yuan.
Companies use Haoda group resources, seal of the sun management, Asda grams of technology, only a Sino Japanese joint venture enterprises create quality first, technology first, service first purpose to meet the needs of our customers.
Production and operation of the company, auto parts and materials processing, marketing and trade, all kinds of sound absorption thermal materials processing, marketing and trade off. The main production equipment: semi cutting machine 2 sets (imported from Japan), continuous punching machine, cutting machine 4 sets, cutting machine, hobbing machine 1 sets, compound machine, Dachong Cut 2, small punching 1, straight knife machine 1 sets, small knife machine, grinding machine 1.